“La Terra Trema”,

When it comes to piracy issues, there are many debates and false propagandas (1). As usual, some greedy stakeholders would like to brainwash people to increase their monetary assets. Throughout history it has been documented how some rich people exploit others to get richer. The movie called “La Terra Trema”(meaning that “The Earth Trembles”, Written & Directed by Luchino Visconti, 1948), demonstrated how certain stakeholders benefit through their exploitations, propagandas, and ideologies; due to such behaviours, some people were “struggling to overcome poverty and finding happiness” in their community.

Once again, like other debates when it comes to the piracy matters, the real issue is about those in power and not the piracy itself. The fact is that the stakeholders want more power and more financial gains. People, such as Bill Gate, only care about their own financial gain and success. Such people do not care about the individual’s rights, the talented creators, and or the general public. Such beneficiaries try to buy the sole rights of the creator’s products. Then, they try to continue to make money without any future commitment to the creators at all. As financially they continue to get bigger and pay more taxes, the government officials advocate for them as well. Hence, they become more dominant and powerful. All these stakeholders portray to care about the creators, justice, fairness, ethical practices, and cultural progress. However, history proves that such stakeholders who are in power are the ‘greedy monsters’ whom are depriving the talented and creative people of financially independent living. At the end, the people suffer as such negative behaviours slow down the general public’s progress.

(1) Yar, M. (2008) ‘The rhetorics and myths of anti-piracy campaigns: criminalization, moral pedagogy and capitalist property relations in the classroom’ in New Media and Society, Vol. 10(4): 605-23. ISSN: 1461-4448